Sunday, November 1, 2009

About This Blog, and Fugly Ebay Dolls

Hello! Welcome to Éthique Sauvage!

My name is Sara, and as you may know, I was a professional doll artist, from January 2005 to January 2007, working under the name Brutal Sun. Clearly, I am no longer making dolls for the money--any dolls I sell on Ebay from here on out will be for the thrill of an auction, nothing else. For me, it was becoming as Gramps always said, "Do what you love for a living, and you might start hating what you love."

Anyhow, you are probably wondering why I am doing this blog if I am done with dolls.

Couple years ago, I told a friend I wanted to start a doll blog (or forum). Yeah, I know. Lots of them out there already. But none was quite what I longed for. You see, I wanted something different. Something geared solely towards OOAKs. Something less moderated, with meatier discussions than, “Does this head match this body’s skin tone?” or “Does anyone know if this doll’s outfit fits this one?” You know, something formatted to encourage people to let loose. Discuss the things they freely share with their dolly friends in secret. Something that would encourage the public dissing of bad or annoying ethics and practices common in the OOAK doll community. Oh, and above all, something that did not bother to tiptoe around oversensitive egos. Perhaps a place where being emotionally delicate and taking oneself too seriously would be poked fun at. Profusely. After all, let's face it, we are gosh dang doll people! We sound freaking ridiculous when we take ourselves too seriously! All said and done, I wanted to start something fascinating, edgy, and educational. Oh, and perhaps a little funny--not that ever am when I'm trying to be.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way of these things. Pushed the idea aside for a couple of years, until last week, when I woke up thinking about my ol' doll friends, and wondering how I might keep up with them, without having to wade through a hundred "Does this skin tone match that one?" threads. Then I realized I was in a position to start that blog, as I never was before. Why? I can finally say the things I never could say as an artist--I have no reputation to protect. Nor will I ever rely on dolls for a living again. Therefore, I can be as blunt, interesting, and sarcastic as I want. And perhaps in doing so, make the OOAK doll artist community a better place for my ol' artist and buyer pals, along with those who will cross my path in the future.

That said and done, how 'bout steak, fries, and a coke?

Fugly OOAK Dolls on Ebay

People without artistic work and/or study ethics are constantly flooding the OOAK doll scene. It's been that way ever since the first few dedicated artists received decent earnings for their dolls.

Gosh, I would like to get inside these people's heads. They baffle me. They truly baffle me. I don't get them at all ... what are they thinking? That making OOAK dolls is easy? That they can glue their worst scraps on a doll, dab globs of paint on her face, and then make big bucks? Or maybe they DO want to be an artist for real, but don't seek criticism for their work and somehow think the more dolls they list on Ebay, the better their work will get? Or perhaps they list their fugly work so they can say, "I've been selling dolls here on Ebay for yada yada years now", you know, attempting to sound prestigious without actually having to know how to paint, sew, or come up with an original idea of their own? (Ugh! And when will they realize how ignorant and pompous they sound when they do that? This is especially true when the listing below theirs is by a real artist who uses much humbler wording to describe their work.)


For the love of art! Why don’t they practice in private, and get good before listing? Do they realize they are shooting their career dead at the starting gate, because people stop clicking on their auctions after the second one? Do they realize they are flooding a precarious OOAK doll market with irrelevant white noise? Do they realize their work is so damp sloppy, people would pay not to have it in their house?

Takes sharp breath.

Do they realize they are marketing wrong? Their dolls are so awful, all they have to do is knock on anyone’s door, and say, “Give me $15, or else I’ll leave this doll with you!” People would do it in the blink of an eye. In fact, they could hit up several houses. Make a fortune that way!


So, what do these dolls look like anyway? You know, in case you happen to be one of these artists, and don’t know fugly when it slaps you in the butt and winks at you?

I’ll give you three specimens.

First off, we have the tarantula-eyed ribbon Barbie. You can find her under Dolls > Barbie Contemporary (1973-Now) > Barbie Dolls > OOAK & Nude. She looks something like this:

Tarantula-eyed ribbon Barbie

One of her distinct features is that sewing is rarely utilized in her costume. It’s all glued-together ribbons, wires, chains, and un-hemmed chiffon baby! Oh, and her paint job? I suspect the seller used a marker to line her eyes. But I can’t be sure. The lips on this specimen often look like a part of human anatomy no one wants to kiss--no doubt a failed attempt to duplicate Angelina Jolie’s luscious lips. Last, but not least, this specimen is commonly sprinkled with glitter and diamonds (a cheap, easy way to spice things up, you know).

Next, I give you the keep-one-eye-on-the-matter-at-hand-and-the-other-on-the-horizon repaint. Found in all of the OOAK fashion doll categories. She looks something like this:

Crooked repaint

Oftentimes, this specimen fools you for a while. Seems normal, at first. Then suddenly, you're looking at a Picasso. This is because her producer nailed the details. Shading? Impeccable! Lashes? Finest lines. Irises? A lifelike plethora of color. Lips? Gorgeous. Actually, I almost feel bad for the producers of these specimens--can’t accuse them of not putting in the work. But then, they see eyes staring at them every day, don’t they? So there! Doing the work is a big part of being a good artist, occasionally studying the surrounding universe is the second. And if a person can nail the details, they damp well should be able to nail the basics. Unless ... they never watch TV, or look at pictures, and all the people they ever interact with have strabismus. I mean, don't get me wrong, we all have crookedness in our work, but...?

Last, but not least, I give you the sexy male Gollum fairy, found under Dolls > Art Dolls-OOAK > Fantasy. Looks like this:

Gollum fairy

Can’t get enough of him? His loincloth is easily removable! Just makes you ladies and gay gentlemen want to click on the Buy It Now button right away, don’t it? Oh, and he typically comes with a shroom and marijuana leaf display stand, or at least ... he should. Because dang, he's on something.

Well, I’m out of here. REEEL FAST!

Swimming fast

Sara unleashed


  1. Maybe you can post links to the auctions you are talking about? Love the post.

  2. Thanks, Jody! Because of the smallness of the doll world, I will only present sketches of poorly done OOAKS I see, instead of links to actual people's work (don't want to nip any clueless new artist's careers in the bud). But let me tell you, these samples I show here ... they are not hard to find!

  3. You are incredibly judgmental. Are you copying someone's idea in your drawings
    and making fun of someone else's art? Wow, didn't you just slay another artist for doing that?
    Did you know that American masters for years sat in the Louvre and copied paintings and it was accepted
    and promoted. It's not uncommon to copy art or ideas. Do you hold a license in persecuting artists or people in general?
    Are you really a professional doll artist after just two years? Are you a professional judge as well?
    Are you the art police? Should we thank you for pointing out to us that you can use technology
    with your own evil and selfish purposes in mind? Is the ACLU really damp? Do you have statistics
    proving that dolls with dark vinyl sell terribly? Why do you have so many lighter vinyl dolls on your
    display page? I thought you only did the darker toned dolls? How fast can I get out of here and never return to this dark place? First, how many times have I looked at your sister's dolls and your own and thought how fugly? I would never tell you how disturbing I find most of them, what simply unattractive features they display and yours in particular are consistent with extreme poor execution, it's not my place to, nor yours to others. Find something else to do, you offer nothing fine to humanity, for you have no compassion.


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