Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doll Themes

I'm baaack. Yeah, I know. It's been awhile. Yesterday morning I stumbled across something, and it pulled me out of non-dolly land, and got me thinking. More than usual.

This gem, by Sowelus.

She's pretty.

She's lethal.


Ah, hell, this girl's gonna give Ripley a run for her title.

These qualities aside, know why I'd buy her? (If I wasn't buying a frickin' house this month, and wasn't the perpetual single mother of two horses and one high-maintenance Persian cat?) Her theme. She's not a damn fairy or mermaid. No offence meant towards all my wonderful artist friends who make 'em--you, uh, still love me, right? See, the realms of fantasy, science fiction, literature, mythology, film, history, they've barely been tapped into. There are so many fresh ideas still out there. Especially in science fiction. But fantasy, too.

Now, in case you're wondering, if I were to rate ideas according to their 'freshness', here's how I'd rank them:

Fairies: You seen five, you've seen 'em all.

Mermaids: Water has been recycled less.

Marie Antoinette: Older than cake.

Twilight anything: Blah! My eyes! My eyes! Please don't make me look at that stoned Pattinson guy again! Please! I beg you!

Steam punk anything: Getting old. And am I the only one who thinks the whole steam punk thing is dorky? Seriously. Steam power is kitten whiskers, compared to the awesomeness of antimatter. Or even diesel power.

Goth: Meh.

Video game characters other than Lara Croft: Hummm ... Altair, anyone? Raiden? Nathan Drake? Ezio Auditore? Starkiller? Commander Shepard? Ooh! Commander Shepard! Think of the possibilities! (For those of you who don't know, Shepard is a player-customizable character. Players can choose everything from Shepard's gender, skin tone, eye color, face structure, to even nose size.)

Space station customs inspector: What a job. And where do I apply?

Genetically engineered space colonist: Fascinating, no? They could be engineered to survive their new planet's atmosphere.

Cyborg waitress: Fresh. Beneath her machine-like exterior, can be a woman coping with a horrible kidnapping, in which much of her biological flesh was stolen to be sold on the black market.

Genetically engineered jailor with cybernetic implants, which gives him the upper hand over his prisoners: Very fresh! Especially if one of the prisoners 'made' him, and plans on using their knowledge of him against him.

An African princess with a curse. If she ever goes more than a stone throw away from a cheetah, she dies. So she keeps a cheetah by her side at all times. Ah, but what if her cheetah dies at the hands of a handsome hunter? Yeah, you gotta admit. That, would be pretty rad. Can you fathom the tragic beauty of such a piece, sculpted in that moment, when she's looking into the eyes of the hunter, hand on her beloved cheetah, about to die? Of course, you could always twist this around for laughs. Instead of a cheetah, it could be a skunk.

Unicorn huntress--she needs the magical properties in the creature's horn to save her crush's life. But her crush loves the unicorn, and would never let any harm come to it. Not while he still breaths. Imagine her dilemma. Him, between her, and the unicorn. Dying.

Here's my challenge to all you artists out there, both new and established. Be fresh. Be original. Stop going with the flow. The flow is boring. It looks like this:

Sara unleashed


  1. Excellent!! I have to agree, there are too many cliche dolls out there, and it would be nice to get something new and fresh. I like your suggestions. Of course, I like different historic eras, and I would like to see female pirate dolls, such as Anne Bonney, Mary Read, and Grace O'Malley. Of course, space pirates would be nice, too.

    There are so many themes to tap into, that would make such cool and interesting dolls. LOL, we need to get the doll companies to pay attention.

  2. I wanna see all kinds of cyborgs! So much untapped, there. I mean, you can have enhanced everyday cyborgs (say, everyone in a society gets an eye implant to see better than an eagle), military cyborgs, winged cyborgs, a person who became a cyborg because of a horrific injury, 'forced cyborgs' who became one because they were forced to participate in a foul experiment. So much diverse subject matter in the realm of cyborgs. I suspect cyborgs are gonna be big after James Cameron releases Battle Angel. Hell, cyborgs could be the next vampire.

  3. I have always liked custom and/or ooak dolls, but I always loathed those fairies, because everybody made them and you couldn't find the more unique dolls in any of the searches. And if you had to make a fairy couldn't you at least try to make it not to have "petal skirt" or skirt that looked like it's hem got torn. Why doesn't any body make dolls that actually have a story behind them like you used to. I always liked reading those little short stories and looking at the pretty pictures, because you understood what kinds of pictures fit in different situations. Your ideas about ooak dolls here are so much more interesting than what most people actually make. And the dolls you used to do were interesting as well because you didn't only make "white" characters but tought of ways to make the characters women of colour and thus far more noticable among all those generic white girls that everybody else did. I always loved Alerah(?)(the dark skinned girl in pretty wintry white dress), because she didn't look like generic person from a country were it actually snows, yet she didn't come across as foreign emigrant to her country either. I also loved how you would mix and match different cultures and even time periods to give your characters interesting, unique and practical outfits that fit well their social status and give you some kind of idea about what rest of their culture might be like. Sorry I rambled here.


    1. Thank you, Sonja. You'll like my next doll. He's dark. And quite handsome at it.

  4. Oh I LOVE fairies, but I love dolls too xDDD
    I´ve seen your website before reading this blog, your dolls are divine! I´ve have lot of fun reading you, and much of what you said, I feel the same :) I run a forum by the way, which is in Spanish, I try to make the site for education of collectors, we are very nasty people some time.


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